Computer classes and other courses offered by U3A Johannesburg Branch that are available to U3A Joburg East members

Computer classes Tuesdays 10:00 to 11:00

To participate please Email Andrew Pearce (  Indicate your first name, surname, email address and the fact that you are a member of U3A Joburg East and Andrew will add you to his distribution list.  You will then receive the programme as it is developed and all the Zoom connections and the material


  • How computers can enrich your lives
  • What is a computer
  • Understanding the different components
  • How do programs provide solutions
  • How do you store files in folders
  • How to back up so I do not lose all my information and photographs


  • Connections to the Internet
  • Browsers
  • Internet websites
  • Search engines
  • Safety on-line (scams, phishing, malware)


  • Emails 1
  • Emails 2
  • Communication Options
  • WhatsApp

Productivity tools

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word, Google Docs
  • Microsoft Excel, Google spreadsheets, PowerPoint

Smart Phones

  • Hardware
  • Selecting smart phones
  • Apps
  • Photographs
  • Data management

Social Media

  • Introduction
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


  • Photographs
  • Video and YouTube
  • Music
  • Podcasts

Other courses offered by U3A Johannesburg Branch

The following courses are available online.  Members of Joburg East Branch are free to access them.  Please email the facilitator indicating your first name, surname and email address to receive a zoom invitation.

Poetry Monday noon Marcia Leveson 011 286 1575
Plato for everyday living Tuesday a.m. Andrew Domanski 011 646 6566 (h)

082 872 3726

Computer Workshop Tuesday a.m. Andrew Pearce
Shakespeare and his contemporaries Wednesday a.m.


Rohan Quince 072 230 9338
Introduction to Geoffrey Chaucer Wednesday a.m. Eugenie Freed 082 564 0008
Writing Group Thursday a.m. Helen Joughin and Marion-Jill Bregman Helen: 083 308 8625
Marion-Jill: 083 711 5157